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Travel CMS

Travel CMS – Store. Manage. Publish

All businesses need to update their website on a regular basis. Travel CMS is a web application for travel agencies to create and manage digital content efficiently. It supports multiple users to publish content like travel packages, hotels, transporters, reviews, supplier, inquiry and booking management on their website directly. Travel CMS application boost your travel sales, ease your travel operation management, and helps to publish the content on website in structured manner. Here are the key features of our travel CMS.

Basic Features

  • Storing – Itinerary / price / promotion
  • Indexing – Tour packages
  • Search & Retrieval – Search / Download/ Email/ Print Tour Packages
  • Promotional content - Manage events/ Blogs, Contents, and Day tours
  • Publishing & Reporting

Advanced Features

  • Create new pages - with UCS software, one can create or edit current pages with many options like customized banners, promo offers, add, or delete images, and upload videos.
  • Auto handling of updates – while publishing new pages and features the preview text and sitemaps are updated automatically.
  • Site branding – choose colours, background, and backgrounds of your website.
  • Responsive design – Pages created on our CMS can be viewed on any smart device(s) connected with internet.
  • SEO friendly – our CMS is designed to support your website in search engines optimization activities. In turn you can answer one of the most important question – how to improve google page ranking? and let users find you on internet swiftly.
  • Inquiry management – streamlines customer inquiries from multiple sources under one centralized system. Our product is designed to offer your agency one of the best tour management solutions in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C.
  • Multi-users with role authorization – site managers can authorize multiple roles for a project and can approve edited content easily to publish it on website faster.
  • Voucher management – Our Travel-CMS helps tour operators to generate tour vouchers with your agency branding, voucher records, vouchers available on multiple smart devices, and voucher amendments / cancellations.
  • Bookings Management & Multi currency.
Set up time: 21 days
Set up cost: $1,299* forever

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