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Customer Relationship Management – Marketing. Sales. Support

Customer relationship is a very important part of business cycle, though last but not the least. There could be many years of struggle for you with customer data and its management before it is revealed upon you why the store next door has more customers, greater number of visitations, and more revenue. Your competition is doing better because they understood CRM is indispensable to modern business and asked themselves this question “Why CRM is important to small businesses”.

What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)? Why CRM is important? Role of CRM in modern business… these are the questions always on top of mind of every entrepreneurs and startup owners.

The cost of keeping an existing customer happy and turn them into brand ambassador is 5-7 times lesser than to acquire a new customer. In other way CRM not only helps to lower the operational cost but it also helps improving bottom line. Besides, CRM is the only answer and solution to your near-rhetorical question “How to retain a customer”?

CRM role is not limited to retain customers, studies shows that small businesses with planned customer relationship management programs have success ratios of:

  • Increased net income (bottom line) approx. 17% for business with CRM program Vs 12%
  • Brand leverage – approx. 17% for business with CRM program Vs 9%
  • Customer win-back rate – approx. 14% increase Vs 4% lost
  • Referrals / Word of Mouth publicity – approx. 16% Vs 7%

Our in-house CRM has special advanced features of:

  • Contact Management
  • Activity Management (Call & Meeting)
  • Lead Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Quotation Management
  • Sales Management
Setup time: 14 days approx.
Setup Cost: On $999/annually for 10 users

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