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Content Management System - Design. Build. Rebuild

Content Management System (CMS) is a simple software that helps small business owners to explain how to create a website and how to manage a website content using an easy interface instead working with codes or using your website builder agency each time while you are struggling with very question - how to update your website with simple changes? In other words, using a CMS software developed by Ujala Cloud Soft one of the best CMS developing agency in Maryland and in North America you may have extra dollars saving on a website manager or website maintenance.

You do not have to be a coding geek or a software developer, or a website designer to know how to use CMS. As soon have answered your question how to build a dynamic website and how to build a responsive website, using our CMS software you may create/include things many features on your own. Already have a website no problem, just go for our CMS software and save hundreds of dollars annually. Things you may create/add on your website with CMS are:

  • Blogs
  • Portfolio sites
  • Social communities
  • Multiple user
  • Themes
  • Admin panel with multiple language support
  • Create new pages with admin panel
  • Template design
  • Creat category & Sub category
  • Module based pages
  • Easy Image management
  • Inquiry form management
  • Inquiry databank
  • Applicable to all industry
Setup time: 14 days approx.
Setup Cost: $1,249* forever

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