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Buildup Organic traffic on my website

Many companies think SEO is a technological panacea to resolve the digital shortcomings…

A rigorous SEO cannot solve your companies web challenges but at Ujala CloudSoft, a Bethesda Maryland based SEO and digital marketing company catering to small businesses in cities of Baltimore, Ocean City, Annapolis, Frederick, Bethesda, Rockville, Silver Spring, Gaithersburg, Hagerstown, Salisbury, Potomac, Bowie, Bel Air, Towson, Germantown, Ellicott City, Glen Burnie, Elkton, Hyattsville, Maryland City, College Park, Upper Marlboro, Catonsville, Lanham, Montgomery Village, Saint Michaels, Owings Mills, North East, and Beltsville, Sevema Park, Lutherville- Timonium, Havre de Grace, Elkridge, Chestertown, Crofton, Randallstown, Odenton, Olney, Fort Washington, Oxon Hill, Dundalk, Capitol Heights, Prince Frederick, Leonardtown, Pikesville, Reisterstown, Cockeysville, Mechanicsville, Lexington Park, Sykesville, and Clarksburg uses a variety of sharp web designers and digital marketing pundits to meet the challenge of ethical and organic search traffic on your website.

While paid searches can be vital for your marketing efforts, the unpaid searches (Organic traffic) are the one will get you at the top of the page ranking and it will have more value than paid traffic because Organic Traffic helps to:

  • Build a brand reputation and strengthen your company's online presence
  • Beat the competition by pushing down the page ranking of the competition
  • Bring down overall investments in marketing hence increasing Returns on Advertising Spend (ROAS)
  • Boost your page ranking for community searches by local people
  • Balance SEO Mix of paid and unpaid searches to harness the benefits of search engines algorithms
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Increase my sales & revenue

Are you dogged with low sales and low revenues or high sales but low ROI (returns on your investments)?...

Tired of trying everything to boost your sales and revenue, maybe you have just scratched the surface. With a high penetration rate of the internet in the United States, almost 99% by 2021, with absolute control over each marketing activity, with all analytics available, and with few good digital marketing agencies like Ujala CloudSoft – your best option at the East Coast of America, you can rapidly increase both your top line and bottom line. With an expert Inbound Marketing Agency like UCS, you do not have to cough up huge dollars to hire a big media house to get the same results as we bring to you. Post COVID-19 it is high time you must redesign your marketing approach with Ujala CloudSoft – One of the best SEO & Inbound Marketing Agencies in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC area. We guarantee you your ROI will skyrocket without having spent huge marketing dollars and without investing time to build an in-house marketing team. We will involve your industry expertise to design and define:

  • Key marketing objectives (Offline) and Digital Key Performance Indicator (Online)
  • Unbiased data monitoring and feedback to continue or adopt a change
  • Ethical trade practices to avoid Google penalties
  • Low-cost high yield analytical tools to improve P&L (bottom line)
  • Low operational cost by avoiding staff hiring and monthly subscriptions costs.
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Grow my market share

Post Covid-19 pandemic small businesses worldwide fighting for survival and existence. Many small and mid-size businesses have reduced their areas of operations and lost sizable market share…

Recovery is going to be slow and it will have to start again from the community level and continue to grow. Facebook’s report State of Small Business surveyed 86,000 small and mid-size business owners, managers, and workers in companies across the US with a workforce lesser than 500 employees. It is established that small businesses are facing grim but valid challenges because of COVID-19 in years to come.

Amongst other challenges faced by SMBs, one is - To adopt to Online marketing and internet tools. Your business was thriving on word of mouth publicity and you had never felt a need to launch or rebuild your website or engage a digital marketing agency. But in the coming years, Market Share will be the most crucial metric to evaluate the effectiveness of any possible revenue-generating campaigns e.g. Marketing campaign, branding exercises, Sales promotions, or CRM Programs.

Market share is a key indicator of market competitiveness. Market share allows owners (of personal business, hotels, restaurants, cafes, restaurants, wine & liquor store, owners of services like wellness, grooming, fitness, or other professional services like travel agents, lawyers, Doctors, and CPA) to analyze growth or decline in Net Asset Value (NAV) and Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) and gaze the market opportunity. In the reset phase (post-COVID-19) owners will have to increase their market share by expanding territories, touching new audiences, and creating unique offers. Ujala CloudSoft is one of the result-oriented agencies in the Maryland state proudly serving the counties of Allegany, Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Baltimore City, Calvert, Caroline, Carroll, Cecil, Charles, Dorchester, Frederick, Garrett, Harford, Howard, Kent, Montgomery, Prince George’s Queen Anne’s, Saint Mary’s, Somerset, Talbot, Washington County, Wicomico, and Worcester county.

We are helping small and mid-size businesses to get back on their feet and start the growth trajectory in minimum time by:

  • Identifying target audiences and plan a comprehensive reach out plan
  • Introducing unique offers complementing community standards
  • Preparing robust client’s engagement programs
  • Keeping customers delighted by using engaging and exciting UX / UI
  • Acquiring a closed business and its database
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Generate more high-quality sales leads

Are you feeling worried about the huge stockpile at your warehouse and you do not have enough sales leads or sales orders in the pipeline? Or maybe you own a service unit and you want to optimize your low season with some high-quality sales leads…

Sales leads are important to an organization, but high-quality sales leads are crucial. Be it a startup, small, midsize, or a multi-million-dollar business, lead generation gives the meaning to the very existence of an enterprise. Nowadays, more and more marketing resources and budgets are put to generate high numbers of leads through targeted customers. Smart companies and hard-working sales teams are reaching the target audience rapidly without annoying the prospects with the help of online lead generation.

The journey of Lead Generation

In the post-COVID-19 scenario where the buyers are hesitating to make queries and consumerism is at its lowest, Ujala CloudSoft with its lead generation specialists plays a pivotal role to educate, engage, and generate high-quality sales leads for small businesses, mid-size businesses, and even big corporations. Creating a smart mix of “design responsive business Websites”, “meaningful UX”, “best Social Media Marketing practices”, “relevant Content Marketing”, “dedicated Influencer Marketing”, and Maryland state adapted “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)”

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Optimize my Conversion rate (CRO)

What a striker is in soccer, Conversion Rate Optimization is to digital marketing. You used many tools and techniques to attract and engage your clients on your website, but your efforts are not matured until you increase conversion on your website...

Many businesses can maintain increased traffic on their website but still have lower conversion rates. There could be many reasons behind lower CRO but a few online marketers are aware that even an improper landing page optimization (book) or inaccurate analysis of conversation rate optimization statistics, and wrong CRO tactics can slow down the conversion rate optimization process.

A conversion is defined by the company's objective to achieve specific goals – short term or long term. This may not be necessarily a purchase, but it could be just a sign up for a subscription of updates, newsletters, and important statistics, create a login account for a free trial, or completion of a survey/poll, or an application download. Whatever may be your website conversion optimization theory the Conversation Rate is a full stop to it. Higher the conversation rate, bigger the sales. Our CRO experts will ensure that percentage of the conversion rate for traffic coming on your website is always healthy and consistent, whatever specific objective you have set for us. Ujala CloudSoft – leading Conversion Rate Optimization agency in Maryland will improve the efficiency of the whole process by evaluating:

  • Increasing the open and click rates for your emailers – enhanced awareness
  • Customer journey analysis – from landing page to check out from cart (completing purchase)
  • Copy optimization – for better search engine placement
  • Online surveys and polls – make a better decision
  • Customer feedback – improve in services or products Increasing subscriptions – for quality database for a target segment
  • More registrations for virtual events / webinars / training sessions / downloading a guide or eBooks
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Improve my Marketing Results

How to improve my digital marketing results? When I will see the result of my investments? Will I succeed in my business goals? Will my business survive in this fast-paced, competitive digital world, and improve my ROI and brand reputation? These are the few common questions haunting the owners of every start-up and small businesses now and then? …

There are a few best search engine optimization hacks that can answer your question of how to be at the top of a google search engine, but this is not organic growth. Using growth hacks may give a jump-start to your company but only SCALE “Systematic and continuous Ability to Learn and Evaluate” will lead you to the top.

In today's fast-changing and uncertain environment, such is now, Ujala CloudSoft is continuously updating its digital marketing strategies to be at the top of the online marketing and offline marketing world. We are the only IT and digital marketing agency in Maryland owned by Indian. Truth is India is the Hub of the Wheel for Information & Technology world. Our digital marketing efforts will take out the complexities and create a solid foundation for your success in digital marketing. We are one of the best digital marketing agencies for travel agencies and tour operators in America, Canada, and Mexico. Our rich experience of running travel and tours in many geolocations gives us an edge over others to understand and deliver results in minimum time

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Enhance my brand’s online reputation

Are you worried about reduced queries? Are you losing your clients to your competition very fast, though you are offering the same kind of product or service? Do you realize customers are not continuing after the expiry of a free subscription is over? Online presence and reputation are key factors that make your brand look a great fit to target audiences. In a survey conducted by The Harris Poll, 82% of people say they seek recommendations from friends and family when considering a purchase.…

And your business accreditations from agencies like Trust Pilot and Better Business Bureau. A recent The state of online reputation management 2020 Report from London Research clearly states responding to a negative review by brand improves the brand credibility by 47% and business revenue by 64%.

Sometimes your staff may not be as polite as to the expectation of the client or may misbehave, or maybe your client did not get kind of services from a third party as promised by you, or maybe your client’s services get affected adversely due to a breach between your company and credit card company. But this does not mean your company’s fate is sealed and you can do nothing about it. Above being said, our team of experts is here to help you to recover from such slip-ups and to regain your online reputation. We are a good fit for companies who are struggling with the very question of how to recapture the market and for those also who have just started with no online market reputation and have a question on how to capture the market.

We will help you build it from start and in fewer budgets, and fewer resources, and within your time, we know your time is important and you are busy.

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Launch a new product

What could be the best possible ways to reach out to your existing clients and potential customers? Most of the startup and small business owners, and founders are so caught up with project detailing and selling process they forget the foundation stone of business is a launch and information to its loyal and future potential customers. It is well said – a good start is half the battle.…

Shocking results revealed by CBINSIGHTS for a study of 101 failed startups to conclude that 42% never solved a valid customer problem before introducing a new product/service. On the other hand, every business owner struggles how to get high footfalls at a store launch or invite long queues in a product launch. Post Novel Corona Virus Pandemic COVID-19 startups and small businesses are under intense pressure than ever to either perform or perish…

Are you planning a product launch! Or planning the launch of a new startup company! New product/company launches occupy a lot of your mind space and resources. At the same time, this is the only hour you need to put your resources and energies to ensure nothing goes wrong with either product or distribution channel. Leave it to the professionals at Ujala CloudSoft where our launch experts will help you to streamline digital operations and let you focus on other crucial areas of business operation. Right from the research phase to preparing a digital strategy for a product launch like where to find your target audiences, which Social media platforms target customers hang out, customer’s purchase pattern and behavior, Specific promotion plans for specific products, and last but not least reinforce/rebuild your company’s online foundation to match the new product’s digital promotion requirements…

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Enter new markets

Entering new markets has always been exciting. But how to succeed in new markets has always been a significant long-term challenge! Globalization is the new norm and with universal search engines like Google search, Google listing for local businesses, google listing for local services network, and Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn the world has unified and become one global village. Using digital to enter new regions and reaching out to target audience in new markets can be an effective way to boost your brand leverage, improve your SEO ranking, increase your SEO score, get top ranking in google search results, and overall brand reputation.…

Once you established your product, distribution channels, and your brand at home turf it is time to venture out and test the waters in new territories. In the modern digital world, it is very easy to identify your target audiences and engage them with a push of a button. Our business leaders will identify for you which states/regions are good to target? what kind of potential is there in different states of America and Canada? Which markets need a backup of ground sales activities along with digital marketing activities? What are your customer base and their specific needs to succeed in new regions? Here are few best tips to enter a new market which our team will carefully weigh and do microanalysis using:

  • Research-based statics and demographics to create a solid digital foundation
  • Digital brand leverage to define new market entry strategy
  • Pre entrance surveys and polls to establish success rate and ratio
  • KPIs as a monitoring tool to all paid, organic, and influencer marketing programs
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